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Globetrotter: ‘Once You Are Born In This World You’re Old Enough To Die’

Learn a sentence in a language you have no experience in, then record yourself saying it. Bonus point for some awesome background music! (Globetrotter) Music: John Lewis Grant ‘Bach Prelude & Fugue 10’ http://freemusicarchive.org/music/John_Lewis_Grant/24_Preludes__Fugues_J_S_Bach/Bach_Prelude___Fugue_10 (Creative Commons)  

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Thinking Bad: The sitcom of your life

If your life were a sitcom, what would be your theme song? Remix or write your theme song for us to enjoy. Upload your recording to SoundCloud and add it to the tdc1125 group. (The sitcom of your life) If your … Continue reading

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Parklifeless: MusicLess MusicVideo

Create your own musicless music video for a scene in a video of your choice. Use any variety of sound effects that you personally create or find from sites like freesound.org. And remember add room tone, it will make or … Continue reading

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Closing the curtains on Unit 5

Something of a paradox. Unit 5 of the open course ds106 was the unit in which I was most organised and yet it has been a long and drawn out affair. I planned exactly what I needed to do, decided … Continue reading

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Unit 4 Summary

Audio Storytelling This unit was the first one that made me feel like a learner because it was an area that I didn’t know a lot about going in to it. The examples of audio storytelling that we were encouraged … Continue reading

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