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Drawing a Line Through Unit 6

The design unit of the open course ds106 has been a long drawn out affair, but a very enjoyable one. Started weeks ago and was very organised in terms of choosing and completing the design assignments, but very often I … Continue reading

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Closing the curtains on Unit 5

Something of a paradox. Unit 5 of the open course ds106 was the unit in which I was most organised and yet it has been a long and drawn out affair. I planned exactly what I needed to do, decided … Continue reading

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Unit 4 Summary

Audio Storytelling This unit was the first one that made me feel like a learner because it was an area that I didn’t know a lot about going in to it. The examples of audio storytelling that we were encouraged … Continue reading

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Unit 3 Summary

Made it to the end of another unit. This one has been spread over a month and as I started to take notes about what I was doing and how long it took, I would say something in the region … Continue reading

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Unit 2 Summary

This blog has always felt like a personal and representative site. You can go through the process of making it more personal, but even the most abstract and basic uses of the WordPress themes feels personal because the content is … Continue reading

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Unit 1 Summary

I’m writing this on a Google Nexus in a hotel room in Istanbul. On the TV there is a Turkish pop video channel (Kral Pop TV) where most of the women are beautiful and scantily dressed, the men less so, … Continue reading

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