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My Pershore Designari (Design Safari)

No big game around Pershore, but plenty of charity shops and cafes to rummage around and be idle. So, out came the smartphone camera on alert for photo ops with a design focus. This ended up being a mixture of … Continue reading

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Gestaltitude: Photopsychology

At the beginning of Unit 5 of the ds106 open course we were directed to choose three tips to practice during the ‘visual storytelling’ part of the course. I found my guidance via the ‘How to be a better photographer…’ … Continue reading

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Listening to ds106 Radio

I didn’t manage to listen to a live show on ds106 Radio, but I did listen to a re-broadcast by Rochelle Lockridge of Rockylou Productions. The content of the show is summarised helpfully here on Storify. Rochelle was promoting the … Continue reading

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Listening to Stories

I do a lot of listening to music (on Spotify), but not so much to live radio and even less to factual radio. Listening to podcasts is something I generally don’t do and so this part of the course feels … Continue reading

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About Audio Storytelling

To begin to think about ‘audio storytelling’ we were asked to watch videos by ‘experts’ in this field. Firstly, the four parts of  Ira Glass on Storytelling (This American Life) and then a couple of videos featuring Jad Abumrad (great name … Continue reading

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Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

Faced with lots of choice, what are you to do? I skirted around the resources and eventually settled on a story that caught my attention because it was building on the very well known story of Alice in Wonderland. Taking … Continue reading

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The Shape of Stories

The Shape of Apocalypse Now When Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) is assigned a secret mission, it seems like his life has a new purpose, or least will keep him from self-destruction for a time, so he is on the up, … Continue reading

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