Arron Called Me – Again!

Using Audacity or another audio editing software, record yourself holding down both sides of a conversation. Using the pitch changer and/or other effects, change your voice so it sounds like two different people are talking (Have A Phone Conversation With Yourself)

Dear Reader, I actually remixed this ds106 assignment. Instead of having a phone conversation with myself, I created a phone call with rising celebrity UK Viner Arron Crascall. It wasn’t that talking to myself wasn’t appealing, it was just that I have been doing some work on Vine and Arron Crascall’s ‘public reaction’ style vines (a great class project called According to Vine  – check it out) and his ’embarrassing phone call’ videos struck me as forming the basis of one side of the conversation. All I needed to do was imagine that Arron was calling me when videoing himself in public. So I imagined that I was Arron’s friend and that his prank calls to me had become tiresome. On that basis, I wrote a script for my side of the conversation and recorded it on my Edirol R-09HR recorder. I was able to hold the recorder in my hand like a phone to record my audio parts and consequently they came out sounding like they had been recorded from a phone.

I downloaded as many Arron Crascall ’embarrasing phone call’ vines as I could find and which I thought would work as conversation. I imported the videos into Adobe Premiere Pro and extracted the audio to the timeline. I then listened to the audio and placed them in an order that made sense to me and wrote my side of the conversation. After completing the recording, I imported the MP3 files into Premiere and edited the parts between Arron’s audio sections. It made sense to complete the whole workflow in a video editor since it had started there. I added a Creative Commons ring tone recording that I downloaded from Freesound to the beginning. I exported the finished edit as an MP3 file and uploaded it to Soundcloud.

I thought it worked really well. Arron’s prank calls become more and more outlandish and I think I was able to capture a weary performance as his imagined exasperated friend. I tweeted the link and mentioned @arron_crascall and was pleased to get a favourite from the man himself. Thanks Arron, my friend.

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