Drawing a Line Through Unit 6

everyone is a designer

The design unit of the open course ds106 has been a long drawn out affair, but a very enjoyable one. Started weeks ago and was very organised in terms of choosing and completing the design assignments, but very often I couldn’t get around to writing them up. Just doing the assignments seemed more important and fun, as if the writing up would kill the feelings created by doing the work.

I have always enjoyed drawing and designing things and believe that I have a good visual sensibility and some design skills. I did intend to start using Gimp to learn a new tool, but ended up relying on my trusty PowerPoint for creating designs and images. I hope I can upskill in image manipulation and creation in the near future – one for the summer, perhaps.

My design safari was completed in the small town of Pershore near the River Avon. I focused on concepts such as colour, balance, rhythm and proportion. I gorged on three daily creates all on one day – all writing ones because I like writing and playing around with words and ideas, and it made a change from focusing on visual aspects.

Pershore 4: Tie Ends

I really enjoyed doing the design assignments that I chose, spending quite a bit of time on them and completed 15 and a half stars. It allowed me draw and think and create stuff linked to personal tastes in film by designing a poster and icons that summarise a movie plot.

four icons final


kane posters old and new

I didn’t think much about the radio show for Unit 7, but have an idea that I will do a kind of soundscape or poem based on the audio taken from Vine videos. all montaged together and layered, perhaps with other material to produce a soundscape of ‘Vine TV’ for the radio. I might do this with my student Abdalla Islow if we can organise it, or I might just do this on my own, in the background while trying to press on through the other units.

We all need a design sensibility, don’t we, in this era of personal publication?

Plenty more fooling to be done.

so fool online


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