My Pershore Designari (Design Safari)

No big game around Pershore, but plenty of charity shops and cafes to rummage around and be idle. So, out came the smartphone camera on alert for photo ops with a design focus. This ended up being a mixture of architecture, clothes, food and sweet packaging.

Sweet wrappers are generally bold in colour – probably garish in design terms, bad taste on the outside, godd taste (hopefully) on the inside. Lots and yellow and red, bright colours, overdosing on sweetness and colouring. And bold typography – inflated, shaped, loud.

Pershore 5: Sweeties in the Window

How many scones on a plate?

The answer is three. Trios – they just look better balanced than even numbers. Asymmetry at its tastiest – double stacked.

Pershore 3: Scones Trios

How many giant display figures outside the toy shop?

Two of course – otherwise there is no balance – they flank the door like guards. One figure would look like it was hanging around. One figure either side is guiding you in.

Pershore 2: Toy Shop

Proportionate Responses

Classic architecture is symmetrical. It has proportion and symmetry. Victorian facade:

Pershore 1: Working men and old comrades


Pattern is often designed into our clothes and furnishings. The rhythm of pattern doesn’t always work, but when it does, it is very pleasing. Geometry,  whimsy and flowers.

Pershore 6: Prints

Pershore 4: Tie Ends




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