Be Green, Man (Light Switch Art)

The purpose of a light switch is simple, but we fail to notice the canvas behind it: the plate. There’s so much that can be done with the metaphor of a light switch, and there’s even space to do it. That’s your task today. (Light Switch Art)

‘There’s so much that can be done with the metaphor of a light switch’…maybe, but I couldn’t get beyond thinking of the light switch as a kind of beak or nose. An owl immediately came to mind – but a bit boring. Eventually, but I can’t recall when exactly, the idea of a Green Man face with the switch as the nose struck me as being an OK idea. The link of the ‘green’ in Green Man to ‘green’ in relation to ethical issues concerning the enviroment, such as saving energy, must have triggered this association, and so the phrase ‘Be Green, Man’ became a key element of the design.



I began by looking at some images of the Green Man with the idea of using that as basis for my own design. A particualr concern was to think of where to put the text message – underneath the face as a first idea, but then incorporated into the face – probably at the top of the head. The breakthrough moment was when I had the thought of making the Green Man’s face into the shape of a light bulb, a truly ‘light bulb moment’ (lol?). The light bulb shape allowed for a clear space to position the text.

Be Green, Man

Be Green, Man

Once the basic design idea was decided, the final design began with the rectangular shape that would be cut out to fit over the switch and forming the bridge of the nose. Next, the eyes, lips, and the foliage that forms hair and facial hair and the stalks making the screw thread of the light bulb fitting. Then, coloured in and cut out, placed in position and photographed.  I think it is a bit of a fun design with a message. I didn’t make a PDF version, because as I began to look at more and more light switches, I realised that there is no standard size, and it seemed like too much effort to address that – so make your own art peeps!

Be Green, Man Again

Be Green, Man Again

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