According to Vine (Promotional Flyer)

Create a promotional flyer of your choose! It can be for an event, product, or anything. It can be crazy and colorful or simply and clean. (Promotional Flyer)

This is a flyer for a group student project that I am leading. We are making a documentary web series about Vine video called According to Vine. It should be launching in the next couple of weeks. We are learning to make social media by making social media about social media. The video episodes (3-5 minutes) will be hosted on YouTube and featured on  a WordPress website. We will then use Twitter and Facebook to create interest in the series and allow discussion about it.


This flyer is designed to promote the project and features the three main platforms used in the project and the logo designed for the project by students Annie and Jade. I decided to take a very minimal approach with a balance of the four circular icons arranged in a diamond formation with the web address underneath. The icons were sourced from the web and recoloured in various green tones to reflect the green and white colours used by Vine. The design was created in PowerPoint and exported as a JPG.

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