Closing the curtains on Unit 5

Something of a paradox. Unit 5 of the open course ds106 was the unit in which I was most organised and yet it has been a long and drawn out affair. I planned exactly what I needed to do, decided on the assignments, but just couldn’t find the time to complete them and write them up ‘like a champ’. So, finally, time to close the curtains on Unit 5. It was fun, but felt like the unit that would never go away. There were a lot of elements and my determination to complete them all was eventually compromised – but I did most things, and am happy with them.

I’m yet to organise a radio show group, so that is still on the agenda. I have left a few comments on blogs, but will try to do more in the coming weeks. I did link more work on Twitter and I received a few likes and comments on my posts which was good to get. I posted about the tips that I used during this unit and on the shared Google doc. I over-thought and planned the photoblitz task, losing some spontaneity and used a convenient but dull location. But, done. I spiffed up my Flickr such as changing the URL. I think I learned how to embed a Flickr set as a slideshow, but it didn’t seem to work.

I did my minimum three daily creates very early in the completion of this unit – having done my ration, I obviously could have done more. I was very happy with them and the focus on the visual in this unit as a whole. Safe territory, but championship blogging.

Free as the Wind

#birds and #hitchcock

Scrubber Duck!

I chose interesting visual assignments to complete and they confirmed that I have a confidence about my skills and creativity in this area.

Gun Loops



me me me

Along the way I learned about Gestalt Psychology and it is always good to backfill your knowledge. As a person with a long interest in visual culture such as art and photography, this was a comfortable area for me. But I could start to push my production skills further. I pick up in the ds106ers’ blogs about people using Gimp, so perhaps that would be a good tool to start exploring more. I have been relying on the rather low level ‘dirty’ image manipulation of Microsoft PowerPoint which is a bit of a perverse toy in the area of image manipulation. Now I just need to match my organisation skills to time management and make the plans happen in a more timely way.


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1 Response to Closing the curtains on Unit 5

  1. pboyle5912 says:

    Time management is hard if you always run out of time. Unit 5 or any unit never goes away because you get to use the tools from that unit. The skills that you learn stay with you forever.


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