Bits, bits, for #photoblitz

For the ds106 photoblitz exercise, the challenge is to take creative photos from a list of 12 subjects in a 15 minute period in a specific location. Subjects vary from specifc (‘Take a photo dominated by a single color’) to ones open to wider interpretation (‘Take a photo that represents a metaphor for complexity’). A requirement to photo a timepiece at the beginning and end of the task proves in theory the time taken on the exercise, right?


For convenience, I chose my house to do the photoblitz. I wanted to do all the subjects in the time allowed, so I prepared all the shots in my mind before starting – even arranging certain objects in certain places and rehearsing shots. I suspect this is against the rules or at least the spirit of the task, but the process of thinking about a solution to the subjects and framing the shots and so on is exactly the same. A lot of the shots were disappointing – a bit dull or maybe just not as good as they seemed in the planning and the execution. Perhaps also limited by the domestic location. It would be good to do this again in a more dynamic location and with more spontaneity using John Johnston’s mobile web app. I was able to find 5 photos that I thought were interesting enough to be uploaded to Flickr. My favourite image is ‘interesting shadow’ featuring my Philippe Starck fly swatter ‘Dr. Skud’. And making the ‘two things that do not belong together’ was fun (the pico projector and scissors).

Starck Shadow

projector scissors

pencil blur

‘ordinary object looking more interesting, almost supernatural’


‘representing a metaphor for complexity’

post up

‘something at an unusual angle’

I did spend quite a bit of time looking at other people’s photos on Flickr, but most often I couldn’t see how they fitted the rules of the exercise. The shots didn’t seem at all to fit the scope of the 15 minute rule – is there some hashtag liberty taking going on here?

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