‘Create a surreal panorama by first making a panorama (duh), and then munipulating the photograph to make it out of this world. However, don’t go out and just make a panorama via your iPhone!!! Take some pictures and mash them together!’

So, dear reader, I mashed, in response to Visual Assignment 1330 ‘Surreal Panorama’ of the digital storytelling open course ds106:


This composite image began a few months ago with recent experiments with the panorama mode on my Android phone. It doesn’t always work – sometimes it just takes multiple individual photos rather than stitching multiple photos into a single panorama. But when it works, it can produce some very satisfying images:

Morecambe Bay

I had in mind that for this assignment I would montage a few similar panoramic landscapes taken on Morecambe Bay in PowerPoint, cutting them up, slicing, copying, rotating, altering brightness and contrast, and so on to create something still recognisable as a landscape, but abstracted, more architectural, and pushing the over-exposure further:

surreal panorama montage

The earth is in the sky, but the in the darker contrast areas there is an attempt to make a bridge or perhaps a pier. I could have spent more time making it more fantastic or surreal, but there came a point when further manipulation seemed pointless. I couldn’t entirely eliminate the horizontal strip effect, but it has a certain amout of visual tension and patterning of the inverted earth-sky and the repeated posts that is OK. But I think that the original Android camera panoramas look more ‘dreamy’ and surreal than the mashed version. This one even has a glitch that suggests a parallel scene within a scene:

Morecambe Bay with Glitch

In the end, though, sometimes, as we well know, ‘good enough’ is good enough.

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