Scrubber Duck! Out of Place and Taste

As explained online, ‘The Daily Create provides a space for regular practice of spontaneous creativity through challenges published every day…[D]eveloped as part of the ds106 open course on digital storytelling, TDC is open to anyone who wants a regular dose of creative exercises’.

Today’s TDC instructed us to ‘Take a photo of an object that is clearly out of place. Get creative!’. Looking around my house for something ‘clearly out of place’ was actually quite a challenge. I couldn’t see anything that was out of place and it seemed wrong to move something. The burden of living in such a tidy and tasteful home was blocking my creativity.

Eventually I settled on the tray that sits by the kitchen sink and provides a convenient way of storing drippy items such as handwash and scrubs. The ‘scrubber duck’ was a gift, as was the tray and the ‘Hand Food’ moisturiser. In terms of most of the objects in the house and things that we buy, the ‘scrubber duck’ is ‘out of place’, although in terms of where it should be in the house, it is clearly ‘in place’. I don’t recall ever using it to scrub vegetables or whatever. The crude gendering and forced smile of the scrubbing brush is not amusing. I am not amused. I think if  it is to stay there ‘in place’, it should at least amuse me. Not a flicker of amusement does it provide, and it is therefore ‘out of place’ in my life. However, the image provides some consolation in that the picture of the watering can on the tray, appears illusionistically to have poured the wire scrub onto the tray.


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