#birds and #Hitchcock Visibly Tweeted Tag Cloud

For each unit of ds106 (I am doing the Open Course, now on Unit 5), we have to do three daily creates, brief creative activities in different media. This photography task is called ‘Birds! Twitter, Hitchcock, Make it all About Birds’ (TDC665).

Taking the keywords as ‘birds’, ‘Hitchcock’ and ‘Twitter’, I immediately thought that it would be good to take a screenshot using Visible TweetsVisible Tweets is a visualisation of Twitter messages designed for display in public spaces – a very useful tool with a number of animation options (Letter by letter, Rotation and Tag Cloud) and changing colours. I used the hashtags #birds and #Hitchcock and waited for a few minutes for the tweets to be found and displayed as a tag cloud. Then I screen captured three tag clouds with different coloured backgrounds and chose the most satisfying arrangement of words and colour.

Visible Tweets #birds #Hitchcock

What emerged from the tag cloud was that I learned that the actor from Hitchcock’s film The Birds, Rod Taylor, had died recently at the age of 84 and this features prominently in the image. I also liked the little random phrases that were created in the tag cloud – ‘rod suddenly sunset taylor’, ‘#creepy #crow #dark #dies’ and ‘mary’s master out photo planning’. That last one is interesting in relation to Unit 5 which is all about telling stories with photos. I like that this tag cloud is a fleeting and emphemeral image that would look very different in a few weeks time, and that the words in a tag cloud are of different size according to their incidence – the contrast of size and limited colour is appealing.

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