TDC829 Illustrate a Randomly Generated Sentence

Dear Daily Create, it’s been quite a while since we last locked horns. Sorry. Emerging out of a fallow patch, I decided to go for a random pick and fell on a random generated sentence TDC. Neat.

The sentences served up by the generator are certainly random and therefore difficult to illustrate without recourse to surrealism or fantasy. After looking at Google images for the sentence which were disappointingly dominated by transport planes, I switched to using Microsoft clip art montaged together in Word. This is quite a dirty approach to image making, but there is quite a lot of fun to be had with clip art. Starting from the base image of the moon and its reflection, I added a paper boat and a midnight clock, and finally a sunburst. Put together it had a fantasy feel that seemed to suit the rather banal sentence. With a bit of tweaking of colour, contrast and brightness and the ‘soft edge’ picture effects tool on the images, and a bit of reflection on the clockface, it came together quite well.

an air loses

The first two sentences were not very promising:

  1. A debt complains inside the following sophisticate.
  2. Above the genre acts a circle.

So, in this case, third time lucky in terms of having something reasonable to play with.

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